Acupuncture for Stress:

Acupuncture for stress works amazingly well! It resets the body’s autonomic nervous system, gets us out of ‘fight or flight’ mode, and back into ‘rest, digest, and heal’ mode.

Acupuncture for stress is great for relaxing, reducing tension that causes pain and discomfort, and helps with insomnia, anxiety & nervousness, and mild to moderate depression.

This makes an acupuncture treatment a very pleasant experience, as endorphins (internally produced natural pain killers) circulate through the body and make you feel better, as stress, tension, and pain melt away.

As long-term high-levels of stress are one of the main causes of disease, it is important to develop a toolset of activities and behaviors (exercise, meditation, music, play, etc.) that help to reduce excess stress in our lives. Acupuncture can definitely be one of these tools.