Obamacare in Action with Acupuncture Insurance
May 13, 2014

By Benjamin Dierauf, LAc

This is very exciting – I just treated my first patient who has coverage for acupuncture by her Obamacare insurance plan! I’m treating them with Lafayette acupuncture for allergies, along with Chinese medicinal herbs, and they’re responding well.

Their family signed up with a silver level Blue Shield Family EPO Plan which, because of a preexisting condition, is saving them over $1,200/month. (Their old plan came with a $6,000 deductible and cost $2,000/month). For acupuncture services, their new plan requires a $30 copay/visit, has no deductible, no yearly maximum number of treatments – there just has to be a medical necessity, and provides coverage is at 100% of what is allowed. And it covers the treatment of allergies, not just a pain diagnosis as many insurance plans with acupuncture coverage do. This is excellent insurance coverage for Walnut Creek acupuncture! (The Chinese herbal formula is not covered by her acupuncture insurance, so they’re paying out of pocket for it).

As for my patient, I gave them a treatment plan of five Lafayette acupuncture sessions. After the first session their throat was no longer hurting, their eyes were itching less, their nose was still stuffy, but the redness on the sides and tip of their tongue had diminished by 50%.

Acupuncture works for the treatment of allergies by normalizing physiological function, and this is what is happening with my patient. Their symptoms are not being suppressed by the action of a drug after a more expensive visit with an ENT specialist.

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