Creating Balance

Because it is holistic in nature, Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine treat not only symptoms, but the root of problems, and compels your body’s natural healing capacity to better function and help you heal more quickly. It treats your whole mind and body with the goal of creating balance. In addition to reducing physical pain and […]

Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine helps treat most illnesses and prevents many others as well. Over one quarter of the world’s population currently uses Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine for their primary healthcare. As it interacts with Western science and forms partnerships and shared understanding, it becomes a key feature of what is known today as ‘Integrative […]

Acupuncture Benefits

Acupuncture benefits all of the conditions listed below. Most of these come from a list by the World Health Organization of diseases and disorders. In my 25+ years of practice I have treated all of the conditions—and many more—successfully. If your condition is not listed or if you have questions, please use this form or contact me at (925) 297-4785. […]

About Acupuncture

“I help people heal and restore pain-free balance, vitality and health by helping them implement healthy habits and eliminate unnecessary medications, using 25+ years experience with acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, and bodywork.” Acupuncture is a modality of Eastern Medicine, a time-tested medical system thousands of years old that diagnoses and treating common health problems. In […]

What is guasha?

Guasha, also known as scraping or dermal friction, involves the use of an instrument with a rounded edge such as a Chinese soup spoon that is scraped along your skin after your skin has been coated with oil. This technique is a form of deep tissue bodywork therapy and the results can be dramatic. Like […]

What is cupping?

Cupping (or myofascial decompression) uses glass suction cups that stick to your body because of a vacuum inside of the cup. The cup sucks in and resets your body’s tissue (skin, fascia, muscles, nerves, veins, and arteries), breaks up adhesions, and the relief is often immediate. This treatment became very popular at the last Olympics […]

What is moxa?

Moxa is another technique for stimulating your acupuncture points that uses heat. A dried herb called artemesia (mugwort) in the form of a cigar or cone is placed close to an acupuncture point and burned. You’ll feel a pleasant warm sensation as the heat slowly penetrates the skin and activates the acupuncture point.

What is Eastern Medicine?

Eastern Medicine has roots in China that go back 2000-3000 years. It is based on the philosophy of Daoism (aka Taoism), which views health, life and the universe through the interaction of Yin and Yang energies (hot/cold, expanding/contracting, active/still, diffuse/dense). In this paradigm, health is defined by the appropriate balance of these phenomena within and […]