Acupuncture for Chronic Illness

I have treated a wide variety of chronic illness with acupuncture, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, MS, Lupus, and HIV. While not a cure for MS, Lupus, and HIV, acupuncture goes a long way towards treating various symptoms that may manifest and slowing down the progress of the disease. Using acupuncture for chronic illness can be very helpful for helping the body regulate its immune system.

I do not treat cancer directly, but I do provide acupuncture as a complement to chemotherapy and radiation that helps to keep WBCs and RBCs elevated, increase energy, alleviate emotional stagnation, and prevent or reduce undesirable side effects, including neuropathy. Acupuncture should be a part of the standard of care for the medical treatment of cancer.

If your condition is not listed or if you have questions, contact me using the form in the upper right hand corner or call me at (925) 297-4785 and we can discuss how well acupuncture can help you.

Most likely you will find that acupuncture benefits you beyond the treatment of your symptoms. It also addresses the root cause of imbalance in your body, and acupuncture will positively affect you on an emotional and energetic level as well. After your treatment you may feel calmer, more focused and more energetic as your body resets itself and comes into balance. For more information, go to Common Questions about Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

While acupuncture is a subtle and powerful form of medicine, generally speaking, one session of acupuncture is usually not enough to affect the change you’d like to see (although it does happen). I usually recommend a series of 3-6 sessions for a treatment plan, depending on your condition, after which you should be experiencing significant improvement.

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