COVID-19 Practice Changes / Self-Care for Enhancing the Immune System

Given the gravity of COVID-19, I’ve decided to stop treating patients at my clinics for the next couple of weeks. This was a difficult decision to make, as I love helping people, and supporting the immune system and helping with anxiety and stress can benefit folks in these trying times. But the public health directive […]

Do Suction Cup Marks Indicate a Steph Curry Injury?

For those of us enjoying the Golden Sate Warriors’ amazing 2015-2016 season, Stephen Curry in action is a sight to behold. Not only is he a phenomenal shooter, but his looseness, quickness, self-confidence, and basketball acuity, creativity, and grace as he moves up and down the court also make him a fan favorite. He’s the […]

Acupuncture Research: Combining CT Scans with Synchotron Radiation

While its fairly common knowledge that acupuncture works great for a wide variety of conditions – pain, numbness, stress, and gynecological, immunological, respiratory, and digestive issues, much of the basic science on how it actually works has yet to be discovered. For example, it’s been difficult to identify physiological structures that make an acupuncture point […]