“Gentle, relaxed, and effective – with 23+ years of experience, Benjamin Dierauf has been treating my chronic shoulder and neck pain with acupuncture, suction cups, scraping/guasha, and Chinese herbs. He alleviated much pain and succeeded at the same time also with treating insomnia, a stress related condition.  I went to his office with a fear of needles, and didn’t know what to expect. After 3 sessions I feel the difference and I am getting and feeling a lot better!  I will continue on a weekly basis to fully recover.  My highest recommendations for his expertise and care.”

– Joanne T – Neck Pain.

“Acupuncture has changed my life! I have struggled with panic attacks for years. A stressful event left me struggling with frequent attacks, and chronic pain for months -acupuncture was my last resort. I wish I had found Benjamin sooner! His peaceful demeanor made me feel comfortable and calm. I felt an immediate change after just one visit. Now I can say that I no longer feel worry and I am able to live my life in the moment, and I can finally breathe! I am able to get a full night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed. I have also had excruciating periods since I was a teen, now they hardly bother me at all. All of my aches and pains are being managed without the use of medications. It is simply amazing what Chinese medicine can do for your body, mind, and over-all being.”

– Cara K. (Hayward, CA) – Panic Attacks.

“I truly feel that Benjamin’s acupuncture talents saved the functionality of my left arm and hand.   Earlier this year I experienced some unfortunate personal trauma combined with a rapid home move, 2 job changes, and overuse injuries starting from my left shoulder blade down through my arm and into my left hand and fingers.   I could barely tie my walking shoes or pick up a piece of loose thread from the floor, or turn over in bed, let alone perform a simple down dog yoga pose.

Within a few weeks of twice weekly sessions the functionality in my limb started to return and my nerve pain ceased.   Even at this time, I feel that it was a miracle.   Benjamin is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional.    The recommended herbal supplements were also excellent in containing my pain during the period of my recovery, without any side effects.

I credit Dr Benjamin Dierauf with my recovery!”

– Liz D. (San Ramon, CA) – Shoulder pain.

“Last week I injured my lower back. Benjamin treated me and I am much improved. My trust in him is founded in mutual respect and the great results he achieves. Benjamin’s gentle approach and solid expertise make him an ideal practitioner…especially for those who are unfamiliar with or afraid of acupuncture or other healing arts”.

– Jennifer G – Low Back Pain. (Berkeley, CA)

“I have benefited from Benjamin Dierauf’s acupuncture since 1995. Initially, it was recommended that I use acupuncture instead of massage for my long-achy back. Not only did I feel that Benjamin’s acupuncture was deeper and more thorough than massages, but there were other euphoric benefits that I experienced as well. Benjamin can calm my entire energy system and simultaneously give me energy. Although I have tried a few other acupuncturists, none have compared to the master!”

– Carol B – Back Pain. (San Francisco, CA)

“I’m writing this acupuncture review as both a patient of Benjamin’s and as a fellow practitioner. I’ve known Benjamin for many years as a leader in the field, when he was the head of California’s acupuncture association. Over the years since first meeting him, I’d had many casual Benjamin sightings, and always found him kind, gracious, and was quite impressed he even remembered my name each time!

This past year, I had the opportunity to get to know Ben much better when he moved his practice closer to mine in Lafayette.  At one point, I bumped into him casually during a time when I was having chronic residual knee pain after a marathon I’d run. Being a practitioner myself, I thought I could treat it, but nothing I had done worked. Ben offered to treat it, and in one treatment he accomplished what I was unable to do over several months. That was 5 months ago, and I haven’t had any pain since.”

– Jason L – Residual Knee Pain. (Oakland, CA)

“I’ve been to several acupuncturists in the last 30 years and Benjamin is one of the best.  He successfully fixed my bad shoulder.  I would highly recommend him.”

– Terry K – Bad Shoulder.

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