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Acupuncture in Lafayette

I’ve made a couple of significant changes to my practice of acupuncture in Lafayette that I’d like to tell you about:

  1. Additional location in Lafayette: I’ve opened another acupuncture office in Lafayette on Wednesday mornings from 9am-2pm at Radiance Family Wellness! It is just a couple of blocks further South from my other office on Dewing Ave.

  2. Closing San Ramon: As of the end of June, I will no longer be a part of PIFM and will be closing down the San Ramon branch of my practice. I’ve found it to be just too far away for logistical reasons, and have therefore decided to increase my hours in Lafayette.

Radiance Family Wellness is a relatively new integrative health center in Lafayette, located on the Southeast corner of Dewing Ave and Brook St. In addition to Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, there are practitioners that do Osteopathic Medicine, Yoga and Mindfulness classes, Ayurvedic Medicine, & Talk-Therapy.

This will be my new weekly schedule starting July of 2019 for acupuncture in Lafayette:
Mondays 1pm-8pm: Lamorinda Healing Arts (961 Dewing Ave)
Wednesdays 9am-2pm: Radiance Family Wellness (914 Dewing Ave)
Fridays 12pm-8pm: Lamorinda Healing Arts (961 Dewing Ave)

My Lafayette acupuncture practice continues to grow and evolve as I continue to study and incorporate new learning and modalities. I feel blessed to be able to do the work that I love, and I look forward to doing this work with you with you with my new expanded hours doing acupuncture in Lafayette. Click here for more info.

As a gentle reminder, here is a brief overview of how Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine helps people heal:

Three Levels of Healing in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine:

  1. Addressing current symptoms, such as pain, that negatively affect quality of life;
  2. Bringing the body back into balance to optimize and harmonize physiological function; and
  3. Maintaining balance with regular ‘tune-ups’, with the frequency depending on the number of stress or ‘balance-disruptors’ – this could be weekly, monthly, seasonally, or annually.
Acupuncture in Lafayette: Radiance Health Waiting Area
Radiance Health Waiting Area

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