A sincere thank-you
Jul 22, 2014

Acupuncture Appreciation!
Acupuncture Appreciation!

As summer hits full stride and I begin my second year of acupuncture practice in Lafayette, California, I wish to extend my appreciation to all.

After 10 years in academia, this has been a year of amazing growth for me. I am very impressed by the vibrancy of the Lamorinda community and all that it has to offer. And I’m especially excited by my patients’ commitment to improving their health through Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

What’s new
On August 15th, my rates will increase by $5 per visit:

$85 for a returning acupuncture session
$125 for an initial intake and session

To help offset the impact of this increase for you, I am discounting treatment packages:

6 returning acupuncture sessions for the price of 5 ($425 = $70.83/visit)
12 returning acupuncture sessions for the price of 9 ($765 = $63.75/visit)

Free acupuncture consultations
Your referrals are welcome and appreciated. I offer free 15-minute consultations by phone, Skype or in person.

People outside of the area can take advantage of my personal connections with hundreds of acupuncturists around the country. And if I don’t know anyone in a particular location, chances are I know someone who knows someone.

Why people choose Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Combined, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have the ability to harmonize physiological function. Many patients use it in a preventative manner to keep their bodies tuned up and healthy.

Whether you choose weekly, biweekly, monthly or seasonal sessions, acupuncture is great for smoothing your rough edges and revitalizing your energy. My treatment packages are a cost-effective way to help you integrate acupuncture into your life.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are holistic in nature and work on both the root and branches of what is going on in your body. The branches are the acute symptoms. The root is the underlying constitution that allows the symptoms to develop.

So before you start taking medications or opt for surgery, consider acupuncture and oriental medicine. They should be the primary treatment of choice for many conditions because of their safety and effectiveness.

Moving forward
Again, I sincerely thank you for making the past year one of amazing growth. Here’s to a new year of health and well-being.

Wishing you the best,


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