Lafayette & San Ramon Acupuncture

Short video presentation introducing Lafayette & San Ramon Acupuncture by Benjamin Dierauf, LAc:

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“I have benefited from Benjamin Dierauf’s acupuncture since 1995. Initially, it was recommended that I use acupuncture instead of massage for my long-achy back. Not only did I feel that Benjamin’s acupuncture was deeper and more thorough than massages, but there were other euphoric benefits that I experienced as well. Benjamin can calm my entire energy system and simultaneously give me energy. Although I have tried a few other acupuncturists, none have compared to the master!”

– Carol B – Back Pain. (San Francisco, CA)

“I’ve been to several acupuncturists in the last 30 years and Benjamin is one of the best. He successfully fixed my bad shoulder. I would highly recommend him.”

– Terry K – Bad Shoulder. ()

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